Mixing Dough

Mixing dough packs a lot of skills in one step! Brew Bakers learn how to follow sequential, written recipes, which include steps like cracking eggs that strengthen their dexterity. Mixing dough itself helps build strength and sensory management skills.


Stuffing Biscuit Molds

In this step, Brew Bakers learn to follow directions closely through repetitive practice in filling molds; the precision and care necessary to stuff dough into mold helps hone fine motor skills.


Stuffing & Weighing Bags

Stuffing bags with biscuits tests Brew Bakers’ ability to distinguish between concepts like ‘whole’ and ‘incomplete’, as some biscuits may come out broken in the baking process. Afterwards, weighing bags helps them practice their quantitative measuring skills.


Sealing & Labeling Bags

To seal and label bags, Brew Bakers gain first hand experience working machinery by operating bag sealing equipment. This is a special station, as it allows advanced Brew Bakers to improve their gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, and stamina.


Overall Kitchen Clean-Up

Brew Bakers at this station will work at the dishwasher, developing key evaluation skills through assessing cleanliness. Additionally, this role involves putting dishes into drying racks and using faucets, allowing more opportunities to practice ambidexterity in a low stakes setting.

Every Brew Baker works together in kitchen cleanup, which helps develop responsibility in important household skills, ranging from mopping to wiping down working counters.